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Demo Reel

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! My name is Thomas Delzeit and I am a video producer from the Kansas City Metro area.


Video Production Specialist from the Kansas City Area
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Demo Reel Tracklist

Technical Skills


● Broadcast Studio Cameras (LDK 8000, Black Magic Studio Production)
● Video Switchers (Tricaster, Ross Carbonite, ATEM Mini)
● ENG Cameras (JVC GY-HM170, Sony NX5U)
● DSLR cameras (Canon 90d, Nikon 5400, Sony A7)
● Microphones (Zoom H4, Senal Shotgun, DJI, Lavalier)
● Audio Mixer (Zoom LiveTrak L-8, Wheatstone D-8)



● Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, After
Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator)
● Geevs
● Tricaster
● XPression Studio
● Audacity
● Wix Website Designer

00:00-00:06 Information
00:06-00:12 Thrill Ride

- Director of Photography, Producer
00:12-00:19 Haunting of Martin Hall

- Writer, Director Editor
00:19-00:25 Retrograde Museum

 - Co-Producer, Camera Operator, Editor
00:25-00:33 Downstairs Dreams

- Director of Photography, Editor
00:33-00:38 Cook Master: Kitchen Chef

- Writer, Director, Editor

00:38-00:43 Wedding Samples

- Camera Operator, Editor
00:43-00:47 ID

- Editor
00:47-00:59 Soul-Mates

- Co-Writer, Assistant Director, Editor
00:59-01:12 Hitman

- Director of Photography
01:12-01:21 Is Water Wet?

- Director of Photography, Editor
01:21-01:34 Indie: Independent Artists in the Music Industry

- Producer, Camera Operator Editor
01:34-01:39 Walkers Variety Store

- Producer, Camera Operator, Editor
01:39-01:42 Daum Museum of Contemporary Art

- Camera Operator, Editor
01:42-01:47 KC Pride Fest

- Camera Operator, Graphic Designer
01:47-01:50 You Can't Handle the Truth

- Director of Photography, Editor
01:50-01:53 The Nightskipper

- Editor
01:53-01:56 Rent-the-Ghost

- Writer, Director of Photography, Editor
01:56-02:01 Back to School

- Writer, Director of Photography, Editor
02:01-02:04 Song Reset Gizmo

- Writer, Director of Photography, Editor
02:04-02:09 Ad Blocker

- Writer, Director of Photography, Editor
02:09-02:17 Information

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