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Motion Graphics

00:00-00:05 Contact Information
00:05-00:08 Happy Half Hour

00:08-00:11 BNN

00:11-00:15 ICHA

00:15-00:19 The Price is Wrong

00:19-00:26 Friendly Fire intro

00:26-00:31 Indie infographics

00:31-00:38 Under the Trans Umbrella infographics

00:38-00:40 Cooper and Delzeit; Atty

00:40-00:43 Average Joe VS Pro

00:43-00:52 Cook Master: Kitchen Chef Package

00:52-00:57 Constitution week

00:57-01:00 Creator Spotlight

01:00-01:03 One Night Only

01:03-01:07 Hot Rods

01:07-01:12 UCM infographics

01:12-01:15 Weird Facebook Marketplace

Happy Half Hour

This is my work from the 30 minute live show "Happy Half Hour" produced by CTV. I worked as the lead graphic design editor, and create the brand packaging for the show.

Friendly Fire

This is my work from my comedy talk show "Friendly Fire" which I produced for KMOS Red Digital Studios.

Cook Master: Kitchen Chef

This is the intro, transitions, and lower thirds I created for my short film "Cook Master: Kitchen Chef."

Graphic Design Art

Personal branding for my youtube and social media channels, using a simple 8bit style design inspired by the classic "please stand by" broadcast message. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

HoMH movie poster V4.jpg

This is the poster for my short film "The Haunting of Martin Hall." Made in Adobe Photoshop.

CMKC poster V1.png

This is the poster for my short film "Cook Master: Kitchen Chef." Made in Adobe Photoshop.

the Campfire Podcast Logo_3-01.jpg

This piece is inspired from the popular video game franchise "Fallout"


A commissioned logo and artwork for a podcast named 'Discards', themed around casino tables and gambling memorabilia. Made with Adobe Illustrator.

The logo I created for my own podcast 'The Campfire'. Made with Adobe Illustrator.


This design was entered into the 2018 Kansas Scholastic Press Association digital illustration regional contest. The prompt was digital tracking, parents using location services to keep tabs on their children. Made with Adobe Photoshop.

Gingerbread Helicopter.png
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