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Writing Samples


Cook Master: Kitchen Chef

CMKC Sample.jpg

In this comedy script, four contestants cook food to try and impress 3 over the top judges. Watch it here.


SoulMates Sample.jpg

I was the co-writer with Gavin Rupp on his screenplay "Soul-Mates," following Quincy and Abigail in their plight to have a successful date. Watch it here.

The Haunting of Martin Hall

HoMH Sample.jpg

The International Cryptid Hunters Association returns with their very own prime time television show. This comedy script is for a fictional episode of a ghost hunting television show. Watch it here.

Welford Dog Show

Welford Dog Show Sample.jpg

The Welford Dog Show is hosted every year judging the finest canines around, but this year they are struggling to keep contestants who have not been disqualified. This comedy script has not yet been produced into a narrative shot film.


The Noise of the Television

This essay aims to understand the "noise" surrounding the television, and explores how the medium has become cluttered and overwhelming to the average viewer.

Ad Astra: How Human Connection is the Key the Mankind's Success

This essay analyzes the 2021 film "Ad Astra" and makes the connections between the successes of humans to achieve their goals and their personal connection to others.

"Hello, My Name Is ______" Rhetorical Analysis

This essay analyzes the article "My Name Is ______" by Jason Kim and discusses its similarity to the 2011 Nickelodeon animated movie "Rango"

Music and its Emotional Effects in the Media: Guardians of the Galaxy

This essay investigates James Gunn's 2014 film "Guardians of the Galaxy" and its use of popular music to evoke certain feelings in the viewer.

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