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About Me

Thomas Delzeit Portrait.png
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My name is Thomas Delzeit and I am a video producer from the Kansas City Metro area. For as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hands. Whether it be taking photos or recording videos, I was always finding a way to make stories from the world around me. I love writing, directing, editing, or just being on set. I greatly enjoy creating my own projects and am always eager to help others create their own.


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In January 2024 I co-founded Studio Lo-Viz, LLC, an independent creator studio based in Kansas City working towards realizing artist's and small companies' visions from script to screen. We provide audio-video services to our clients including music video production, audio engineering and mixing, live-streamed events, and so much more. I am the creative lead on narrative productions and the equipment manager.

In early 2023 I began working at KMOS-TV where I produced an original comedy talk show with Sam Federoff. I shortly after began working on my own documentary, as well as working with other employees to create monthly productions.

In my Junior year, I was the president of the UCM Media Creator's Association (MCA), a club consisting of students independently producing and publishing short films and other video production projects. I oversaw the operation of club meetings, as well as working with the producers of projects to make sure that their needs were well communicated with the larger group.

When I started college, I started working in the live event field, working with MJH Media Group to set up and run large corporate events. These included the AAFP national conference at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Braden's Hope Gala, and the Mid-America Regional Council annual event.

 I worked as a photojournalist for 4 years, specializing in sports and event photography. In the same program, I was the photo sales editor for 2 years. During this period, I attended national journalism conventions in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Anaheim, and Washington DC. I entered competitions for sports action photography, taking home an Award of Excellence and 2 Honorable Mentions.

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