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Audio Samples

Indie Roadshow Show 6

This is the outro to the show from March 13. In it I talk about UCM The Beat's Radio network and promote other songs.

Indie Roadshow Show 7

This is my second stopset during the March 20 session of Indie Roadshow. In it I credit the previous song and introduce the next set of songs.

Tortilla Slap Commercial

This is a 30 second parody commercial advertising for people to settle their differences with flour based violence. Produced and edited by Leilani Craig

Lance Automotive Commercial

This is a 30 second parody commercial for the fictional "Lance Automotive" highlighting the ridiculous drop dead deals. I am the writer, voice actor, and editor.

the Campfire Podcast Logo_3-01.jpg

The Campfire - Podcast

This is the first episode of 'The Campfire Podcast' in which I talk with one of my best friends about stories from our past. I am the Audio engineer, cohost and editor.

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